When the cricket season is starting, or when it is in full swing, it is a great time to start placing your wagers on all of the different cricket tournaments and teams, especially during the Indian Premier League or the BCCI Corporate Trophy. In order for you to take advantage of all of these great competitions, you need to know the different types of online cricket betting, as well as what exactly to expect when placing wagers on your Indian friendly online bookmaker.
NOTE: Betting is also known as punting, gambling, wagering, satta, matka, etc.

Basic Types of Cricket Bets

There are many different types of bets that are involved within cricket, such as the basic types that are where you find most of the action, and the more specialty bets that bring in the big pay-outs.

To Win the Match is one of the most common types of wagers you will find when betting on cricket online. This type of wager is used when you are trying to figure out which of the two teams will win the single match. The odds for this wager are weighed differently, so if you place action on the Favourite, you will get less than even money, whereas if you wager on the Underdog you will get more than even money.

Draw No Bet (Double Chance) is a great online satta to place as a backup. This is where you would wager that the final outcome of a single cricket match will end in a tie between the two teams. It may happen rarely, but it does happen. This is common to see during Test matches, as well as rained out matches; other factors can also lead to a match ending in a tie.

Series Winner is a chance to place a wager on a team that will be playing in a 3 or 5 game series. You would place a wager on the team that you believe will win the series, instead of placing a wager on a single match. Test matches are usually played in series, and one great cricket tournament to place your action on is The Ashes.

Outright Winner is a futures wager. Instead of satta on a match or series, you would wager that the cricket team will win the entire tournament. For instance, you would place an Outright Winner on the Indian cricket team the Kolkata Knight Riders to win the entire IPL. This is a difficult wager to place, as it depends on the entire performance throughout the tournament, and it will not pay-out until it is over. Some great tournaments to use this wager on are the Cricket World Cup, the World Twenty20, and the ICC Champions Trophy.

Special Types of Cricket Bets

One of the most popular types of special bets for cricket betting are the different prop bets that you can take advantage of. Cricket is a team sport, but the individual performance of each player is also important, which is why the prop bets tend to be divided into team and player prop bets.

Cricket Team Prop Bets

Win the Toss is a simple online cricket wager where you would punt on the team that you believe will win the coin toss at the start of the cricket match.

Odd or Even Runs is a wager that uses the final total score of the match. You would place a bet on whether the final score will be an odd or an even number.

Innings Scores is where you would wager on the outcome of each cricket innings. This takes into account the amount of innings that are used, as per the tournament format.

Match Score depends on the final amount of runs that each team will have at the end of the match. The bookmaker will give you a range, like 140-150 runs, instead of a specific amount. Simply place a wager on the range you believe the score will fall in. The chances are low, but the reward is very high.

Innings Runs is pretty self-explanatory. You would wager on the amount of runs a team will score in a given innings.

Most Run Outs is used when you want to bet on which team will have the most run outs during the match.

Player Prop Bets

Top Batsman is a wager on which cricketer will score the most runs during the match. This wager can be used as a single match, series, or overall bet. There are different combinations of this same wager that make it more interesting.

Top Bowler is a wager on the cricketer that will bowl the highest number of wickets. It is similar to the top batsman wager.

Bowlers Series Wickets is used to wager on the amount of wickets a specific bowler will get during a series match.

Performance Bets are wagers that you place on individual players performance, such as the amount of runs, wickets, outs, etc. they will achieve during the match.

Cricket In-Play Bets

When using the In-Play feature, you will have some additional cricket betting options that include:
• Batsman Runs that is used in conjunction with Over/Under on the amount of runs a batsman will achieve.
• Method of Dismissal will allow you to choose which of the next method of dismissal will be.

Cricket Betting Tips

• Get familiar with the different formats of cricket, which include:
o One-Day International (ODI)
o Twenty20 (T20)
o Test matches

• Analyze and learn what teams perform better in those given formats. For example, India plays much better in the T20 format, while they may not be as good during the ODI.

• Learn the different types of cricket bets online, and take full advantage of every type. Being able to place more than just a few wagers will help your odds of winning much higher.

• Learn and analyze the different team and player performances. This would include the bowlers and batsmen skills. Compare the different abilities of each team/player to assess the potential performance.